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The beginning of Baby and Boston

Babies and Boston Terriers, the story of the dynamic duo In 2016 we welcomed our daughter Cassie into our lives. Like most babies she smiled a lot and cried about as much. Then she learned how to laugh. Enter Parker, our Boston terrier. She giggled a little already,... read more

Freelancing with Leir Design

If you knew me from 2004 to 2008 you’ll remember me working from home with Mary Leir of Leir Designs. Well, the team is back together! We are at it again! I am working from home full-time so let me know what projects you need done. Leir Design, Inc., is a... read more

I got new cards

I ordered myself some simple business cards from Moo Printing and they arrived today! I created a very minimalist info card I can use for new business until I develop an identity system. I am loving the orange stripe on the edge on the... read more